Nic is the slightly awkward, soft-spoken newcomer that hails from Ohio, making the transition to the Los Angeles lesbian scene after having her heart broken by her “straight” best friend, whom she has been in love with for years.  As this would suggest, she has a hard time facing her problems and prefers, in fact, to run away from them—and the hotties she meets in LA are quite a welcome distraction.  Nic first meets the friends through Rae-Anne, after moving in with her and becoming her roommate.




Rae-Anne is the rock-solid center of the group—the one the friends can come to with any problems, the shoulder to lean (or cry) on.  She cares deeply for her family and friends, and would do anything to help them.  Rae works with Leslie at a flower shop in West Hollywood, which is owned by her family and which she will one day inherit.  She also has a condition that the friends refer to as “SGS”–Straight Girl Syndrome: the tendency to fall hard for straight girls.  Her current girlfriend, Christina, is “straight,” and the two have a very turbulent relationship.




Babette is a fun, flirtatious player who loves girls and loves to party. She often bites off more than she can chew, and frequently relies on her friends to get her out of the trouble caused by her romantic entanglements. Though she is a heart-breaker, her intentions never begin that way, and most of her problems stem from her just “wanting to have fun.” Babette has known Rae-Anne since high school, and the two are very close.




Leslie is the fiercely loyal, sometimes belligerent activist of the group.  She strongly believes in and is a great advocate for equal rights, especially queer rights, and takes whatever opportunity she can to assert her beliefs… even if it means drunkenly attacking people with signs.  She was introduced to the group through Rae-Anne, as the two work together in a flower shop in West Hollywood.  Leslie also has an unfortunate tendency to fall for gay men.




Shin is a closed wall—and an artist in every sense of the word.  Mysterious and aloof, she has a hidden past that she never shares with anyone, and that the others know better than to ask about.  She is passionate about photography, and in fact feels strongly about many things, but tends to hide her emotions rather than to share them with others. Though she would never let herself go as far as Babette does, she is quite popular with the ladies, and knows a lot of people in the “scene.”