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Allison Santos for Mr. Hyphen 2014

I could be the first female bodied, gender non-conforming, masculine of center person to be crowned Mr. Hyphen, EVAR. Yeah, its that epic.

#allison4mrhyphen #IAMBEYOND #hyphenmagazine

New Year! New Love! New Hard Drive?

We owe a big big shoutout to Kali (as in “cauli-flower”) aka homoarigato for making a gifset of our season 2 intro sequence. Tumblr is into it, and so are we. In roughly 48 hours, these things have happened: we’ve boomed from a couple dozen YouTube subscribers to over 500 the gifset has 15,000 notes and […]

TWSS S2 Thank You

Pearl Girls Productions/ That’s What She Said Webseries thanks YOU for your continued support with this special video!

Season 2 is in Production!

It’s been over a year since we posted an update here. We’re alive and kickin’, especially on Tumblr, and we’re working on doing our first shoot for Season 2 in just over a week. Exciting times. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 2 years since we finished TWSS1. We’re so thankful to everyone for […]

We Tumblrrrr

Hellooooooo out there. Every few weeks/months, we like to let you know that we haven’t abandoned TWSS– far from it! Just wait a little bit longer… and amuse yourself with our new Tumblr. Thanks everyone, for discovering, watching, and sharing season 1. -NH