About That’s What She Said:

That’s What She Said webseries is the first major project of Pearl Girls Productions. The series chronicles the lives of five fictional characters–Leslie, Rae, Shin, Baby, and Nic–within the queer sphere of the greaterLos Angeles area.

TWSS was created out of a desire to see positive Asian representations in the media, as well as to give voice to the often-untold stories of queer Asian women. As it is, Los Angeles holds one of the largest Asian populations in the United States (second only to New York), and is historically significant as a center for media and entertainment. Yet, save for a few examples (we love you Margaret Cho and Alice Wu), we are hard-pressed to find complex, multi-dimensional portrayals of queer Asian experiences.

It is our perspective. It is but one perspective of many out there.

While we feel that TWSS cannot possibly encompass all of the richly-varied nuances and perspectives of the queer Asian experience, we believe that this webseries can be a part of a wider movement– that telling stories that are almost invisible in mainstream media contributes to the struggle for change.

About Pearl Girls Productions:

Pearl Girls Productions was created through the inception of the webseries That’s What She Said. As six queer and queer-allied Asian women (and so much more), our hope is that our efforts will positively impact social consciousness through the power of media–in particular (though certainly not restricted to) the spread of positive representations of queer Asians.

We believe that the lack of such representation is problematic and, at the very least, troubling. If we, as members of a diverse cultural heritage, cannot see our stories and ourselves represented within the larger sphere of media, we are in danger of believing (and leading others to believe) that our perspectives do not matter– or worse, that we do not matter. As we take on more projects, and continue with the ones we have, we strive to work with these ideas in mind.

And hey– we like doing this kind of thing.

PGP is us, and everyone who has ever believed in us– through giving us their time, effort, and resources: from letting us use their music to holding our boom mic during shoots. PGP is a grain of sand in a dust storm (sometimes we like to get poetic) for social change. And PGP is you.

PGP’s (official) members are:

Allison Santos.

Southern California native. Born and raised in the South Bay of Southern California. Believer in family and chosen family. University of California, Irvine Studio Art Graduate. Focus on the intersection of visual art, queer studies and women’s studies. Human jukebox. Trained panel speaker & LGBTQ mentor. Former Director of Advocacy for Barangay Los Angeles. Multimedia  artist. Educator. Facilitator. Motivator. Performer. Transformer. Gender Queer Swag aficionado. Love warrior in the revoLOVEtion. Full-time visionary. www.allisantos.net

Anni Gee.

Anni Gee works in a field that is completely unrelated to acting. Her (only) acting credits include the role of “Phoebe” in “Available Demand”, a collaborate show presented through Coyote Laboratories in New York, and being in her high school’s musical… twice. She is a member of KUE, an organization dedicated to promoting sexual and gender equality through increasing the visibility of and providing support for the queer Korean community. And she used to teach drawing and hip hop to little kids. True story.

Narinda Heng.

Narinda Heng is a Khmer American writer currently based in Oakland. She’d spent 2007-2012 working with various arts and nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles. From 2009-2011, she was a co-producer with Tuesday Night Project, which holds one of the longest-running free public art spaces in Downtown Los Angeles April-October. She recently released a chapbook of her writing called earth things. When she is not somewhere along the 5 freeway between LA and Oakland, she’s usually out climbing rocks, brewing coffee, and looking for cats to cuddle with.

Claire Kim.

Unlike most of her fellow cohorts, Claire is not a writer or poet. She has chosen a career in apparel design working with visual stimuli. She expresses herself through the varying colors of her blouses, the cut of her denim, and the height of her heels. Claire was submerged into the world of TWSS for two reasons: her impeccable sense of style and, more importantly, her undying love of the gay community. Often referred to as “an honorary gay,” she playfully describes herself as “plenty queer and plenty gay, just not homosexual.”

Vicky Luu.

Vicky Luu is a filmmaker and writer born and raised in the Bay Area. She traveled to Los Angeles for college and after graduating decided to stay and cultivate a life among the plethora of Asian lesbians she managed to stumble upon. She is happy to be a part of PGP and is always looking for creative outlets in the form of visual media or the written/spoken word. She is also a part of The Undeniables, an online writers workshop. You can find her writing at – flyfarfrom.wordpress.com

N. Ki.

N. Ki is our behind-the-scenes writer and producer. Her recent credits include play readings through the Mixed Phoenix Theatre Company, the KCACTF Festival, and the Tuesday Night Project. Her published work can also be found in the Getting Bi anthology, Venus in Scorpio Magazine, and Relationships and Other Stuff (just to name a few). Like an elusive unicorn, she is extremely attention (and thus camera)-shy. But she’s hot. We can tell you, we’ve seen it with our own eyes.

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